Peter Turnbull: Featured Artist

1 - 30 October 2020

This October, Whitewater Gallery presents the next in an ongoing series of featured artist exhibitions for 2020. Landscape painter Peter Turnbull studied at Nottingham College of Art and the Royal College of Art in both London and Paris. He has received the Rodney Burn Award for figurative Drawing, was Head of Fine Art at the University of Chester, and later became Visiting Professor of Fine Art after embarking on his full-time career as a painter. 


Turnbull's paintings cover subjects from interiors and their inherent suggestions of human relationships, to powerful, elemental landscapes. In a subtle but powerfully emotive palette of colours, he paints the places where land meets ocean, where day transforms into night, where mists hang at dusk and dark copses of ancient trees stretch up towards to the sky. The artist's intimate relationship with the landscape is evident in his emphatic application of paint, his rich textures and his translucent layers of oil colour, which demonstrate his understanding of the traditional techniques of both historic and contemporary British landscape painting.