Many of my paintings are informed by time spent in and around the sea, swimming or surfing in Cornwall, particularly at the end of the day, making the most of the last few hours of sunlight, sitting between waves, being immersed in cool fresh saltwater and smelling and tasting the sea. Watching the colours transform, the white water of the waves subtly changes to pinks and purples, the clouds moving and changing overhead. These are the moments that I want to internalise but also to share: sometimes beautiful, sometimes foreboding. Whenever I have lived away from the coast, these are the moments that I have missed, the memories that I have remembered. Whenever I am in the sea these are the glimpses I want to capture; they are the building blocks of the paintings. 


My work is created, in large part, on a robust board – which allows for a very physical approach to painting. I use paint sculpturally, wrestling to create built texture, reflecting the skies and cliffs. I like to play with surface, negative space and reflective areas of calm, to balance the scapes. My work is created from memories and loose sketches rather than photographs and I try to capture landscapes where I paint, rework, sand, lacquer, strip, scrape, and continue to rework. All of this time and energy builds a history into the painting and aims to craft the painting into a representation of a memory of what was.’ 


Arts Education 

Fine Art at Howard Gardens, Cardiff

Four month Erasmus Exchange at L'Ecole Des Beaux-Arts, Nantes


Joint and Solo Exhibitions 

Barcelona International Gallery Awards 2019 1st Place 

From this Land, Thrown Contemporary, Highgate, 2019 

St Ives Society of Artist Christmas Open Exhibition, 2018 

166 RWA Open Exhibition, 2018 

Cornish Maid, Mawnan Smith, 2015

Fowey River Gallery, 2013

Beside the Wave, Falmouth, 2012

Style 88, Paintworks, Bristol, 2007

The Awning Project, Spyglass Gallery, Bristol, 2007 

The Olive Shed, Bristol, 2006 

The Small Gallery, Hereford, 2006 

Centerspace Summer Show, Bristol, 2005 

Adam Gallery, Penarth, 2003 

Howard Gardens Summer Show, Cardiff, 2003

Hans Brinker Trophy Prize Exhibition, Amsterdam, 2002 

L’École des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, 2002 



Barcelona International Gallery Awards, 2019, 1st Place 

Hans Brinker Trophy Prize (Short List)