Rachael Osborne

Rachael Osborne
“I work and live by the Cornish sea, I have spent many uncounted hours looking at the water, watching the sky, studying each wave, all different from the last, how they catch the wind and light, the patterns. The serene brutality, the energy of the sea, It is where I find myself.. after all we all originate from it. I want my work to be beautiful, I wish the process to be beautiful. The outcome is unknown to me until the wheel stops, every vessel is unique just as every wave, I have no control, and it is this that is precise, perfect and the most beautiful. Following a background in ceramics and fine art, Rachael took a change in direction and enrolled on the Silversmithing and Jewellery degree course at Plymouth University. Having won numerous awards for her designs she is now concentrating on setting up her business as a independent designer maker.


The skills Rachael employs in making her designs are rooted in traditional fabrication techniques and quality workmanship, However, more and more over the last few years unconventional techniques are coming to the forefront. Specifically the cross over in techniques and methods taken from her ceramic background. The end result is stunningly beautiful pieces, heirloom worthy - that with proper care, can be passed on through the family as time goes on and treasured forever.



2016 - Goldsmiths Precious Metal Bullion

2015 - BAMS, The Herbie Award

2015 - The Worshipful Company of Pewterers